Wireless Pet Grooming Comb

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Color: Blue

Welcome to the new era of pet care with our FleaZap Pro - the ultimate wireless electric pet comb designed to make grooming your furry friend a breeze. Tailored for pets of all sizes, from the tiny lapdog to the majestic large breeds, this innovative grooming tool ensures your beloved pet stays healthy, happy, and impeccably groomed.

Key Features

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you have a pocket-sized pooch or a big-hearted giant, the FleaZap Pro is your go-to solution. It's crafted to work seamlessly with small, medium, and large breeds, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience for all hair types.

  • Promote Healthy Growth: Your pet's well-being is our priority. Regular use of the FleaZap Pro not only enhances their appearance but also promotes healthy fur and skin, keeping your pet in top shape.

  • Innovative Technology for Love: At the heart of FleaZap Pro lies our commitment to combining cutting-edge science with the love and care your pet deserves. Experience the latest in pet grooming technology designed to provide gentle yet effective care.

  • Expert in Pest Removal: Say goodbye to fleas, mites, and other unwelcome guests. Our comb is engineered to remove these pests efficiently, ensuring your pet remains healthy and comfortable.

  • Powerful Lint and Fur Cleaning: Dealing with floating lint and loose fur can be challenging, but not with FleaZap Pro. Our comb is designed for quick and thorough cleaning, leaving your pet's coat shiny and smooth.

Product Specifications

  • Model: KS-CW01
  • Charging Method: Convenient base wireless charging
  • Quick Charging: Revitalize your comb in just 1.5 hours
  • Size: Compact and ergonomic design (18010866mm)
Color: Blue